We make it easy for you to customise your own paddling adventure by making our extensive range of sit-on-top kayaks, standup paddle boards and racing skis available for hire. We call this service our Freedom Hire as it allows you the freedom to explore the Noosa River at your pace, either for an 1 hour or up to 1 week.
Explore the beautiful Noosa River in your own time. There are so many out of the way places that you can enjoy.  Paddling is an excellent activity to enjoy on your own or with friends and family.  Our extensive range of kayaks, skis and Standup Paddle Boards ensures we have something for everybody. 

We give you a full safety and orientation introduction and let you in on the local secrets on where to go and what you can expect to see. We provide PFD’s, dry bag for your personals and a map. Kayak Noosa offers the best range of Standups, sit-on and sit-in kayaks and racing skis in fibreglass, carbon and polyethylene available in the Noosa region.

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Thinking of buying a kayak/ski?

So you’re thinking about buying a kayak/ski/SUP? Not sure what type to get? Confused by the options available and the feedback you’re getting from sales staff and other paddlers? Do yourself a BIG favour and make sure you paddle as many different kayaks/skis as possible before you buy!  If you demo a kayak/ski, although we will charge you an initial rental fee, if you decide to purchase a new kayak/ski from us, we will deduct this initial rental amount from the RRP price of the kayak/ski.

Hire Rates

Hire Rates

1 Hr

2 Hr

3 Hr

4 Hr

1 Day

2 Day

3 Day

4 + Days

Single Plastic Sit on top Kayaks and Enduro skis








+$20 per day

Stand Up Paddleboards  $15  $25  $40  $50  $70  $100  $120 +$20 per day

Double-Sit-On Kayaks








+$20 per day

Double Plastic Touring Kayaks with steering








+$30 per day

Plastic Racing Skis with steering
 $30  $50 $70  $90   $110  $140  $170  +$30 per day

Fenn & Epic Racing Skis








+$50 per day

Epic V8 Double ski  $100  $160 $200           

Big SUP –
(4 to 8 people)







* Must be booked by the previous day at the latest






Included in the hire price is a good quality paddle, comfortable paddler’s PFD and a dry bag for your personals.  We give you a map, safety brief and basic instruction so that you can enjoy your time on the water with confidence.

Kayaks, Ski's & SUP Hire

Our kayaks, ski's and SUPs are the best in Noosa. Our range is extensive and includes simple easy to paddle sit-on kayaks in single and double, fast and efficient Epic and Fenn ocean racing skis and NSP and BIC stand up paddle boards. We pride ourselves on providing the best range of quality gear. 


Freedom Hire participants are able to explore the entire Noosa River at your own pace. However, hirers are not permitted to cross the Noosa River Bar at any time. It is very important that all hirers adhere to this rule as the Noosa River Bar can be a very dangerous location at the wrong tide and time. 

Conditions of Hire

Identification is required to hire a kayak/ski/SUP. Personal details such as mobile number/email and address/driver's license may be required on application.


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